Challenging the Wisdom of the Trans Texas Corridor.

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  Transportation Glossary

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Transportation Glossary

  • BOO Build, Own, Operate

  • BOOT Build, Own, Operate, Transfer

  • BOT Build, Operate, Transfer

  • CCTR Camino-Colombia Toll Road

  • CDA Comprehensive Development Plan

  • CMS Congestion Management System

  • DART Dallas Area Rapid Transit

  • DBFM Design, Build, Finance, Maintain

  • DBFO Design, Build, Finance, Operate

  • DBO Design, Build, Operate

  • DBOL Design, Build, Own, Lease

  • DEIS Draft Environmental Impact Statement

  • EDA Exclusive Development Agreement

  • EDC Economic Development Corporation

  • EIS Environmental Impact Statement

  • EMS Emergency Medical Service

  • EPA Environmental Protection Agency

  • FHWA Federal Highway Administration

  • H-GAC Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments

  • ISTEA Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (1991)

  • MTP Metropolitan Transportation Plan

  • MTZ Modal Transition Zone

  • NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement

  • NCTCOG North Central Texas Council of Governments

  • NEPA National Environmental Policy Act of 1969

  • OF Operations Franchise

  • P3 Public-Private Partnership

  • PAB Private Activity Bond

  • PPP Public-Private Partnership

  • ROD Record of Decision

  • PR Public Relations

  • SIP State Implementation Plan

  • STIP Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

  • TCEQ Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (formerly TNRCC)

  • TEX-21 Transportation Excellence for the 21st Century

  • TIFIA Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act

  • TIP Transportation Improvement Program

  • TTC Trans Texas Corridor

  • TTC (TxTC) Texas Transportation Commission

  • TxDOT Texas Department of Transportation

  • UPWP Unified Planning Work Program


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