Challenging the Wisdom of the Trans Texas Corridor.

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  Trans Texas Corridor

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TxDOT's 2002 Corridor Conceptual Map

2002 Conceptual Map Showing County Boundaries

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Cintra's Proposal for TTC-35 as Submitted August 23, 2004

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The TTC Corridors

Four Priority Corridors and several additional corridor routes were proposed in the official Crossroads of the Americas: The Trans Texas Corridor Plan adopted by the Texas Transportation Commission at their June 27, 2002 meeting.

The four Priority Corridors are described as being built (1) parallel to I-35/I-37 and the proposed I-69 from near Denison to the Rio Grande Valley; (2) along the path of I-69 from Laredo around Houston to near Texarkana; (3) parallel to I-45 from the Dallas-Fort Worth area to Houston; and, (4) parallel to I-10 from near El Paso to near Orange. These four Priority Corridors alone total 4,000 miles. Together with the additional corridor routes identified in the Crossroads of the Americas: The Trans Texas Corridor Plan the corridors could total 8,000 miles or more.

The Priority TTC Corridors are commonly known as: TTC-35, TTC-69, TTC-10 & TTC-45.

None of the corridor routes have ever been defined by the Legislature. Neither has the Legislature established any limits on size such as length or width. State Law establishing the Trans Texas Corridor (House Bill 3588) granted the Texas Transportation Commission complete authority to designate any existing or future facility as the Trans Texas Corridor.



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