The Position

"Challenging the Wisdom of the Trans Texas Corridor."


Work to increase public awareness and understanding of the Trans Texas Corridor and its impact on Texas; provide a statewide network of communication for citizens and local government officials with shared concerns; and, provide resources to assist the public and local government officials to identify and address potential negative impacts (economic, social, political and ecological). is FOR
  • Open and responsive government.

  • Full public participation in the decision making process of transportation planning and finance.

  • Accountability.

  • Improved transportation systems.

  • Focusing transportation resources on traffic generators (urban centers).

  • Responsible growth, development and economic expansion.

  • Full public disclosure of all state transportation projects.

  • Local government participation in transportation planning.

  • Reducing air pollution.

As of Tuesday March 14, 2017 - subject to change is AGAINST 
  • The overall concept of the Trans Texas Corridor as proposed.

  • The use of transportation and transportation related projects as general revenue generators.

  • Taking any land (or thing of value) without just compensation, diverting local government revenues, or otherwise causing adverse economic impact to local government (cities, counties, school districts, etc.).

  • Conversion of existing free highways into toll ways.

  • Use of general transportation revenues in support of toll road projects.

  • Private control of public infrastructure, whether direct or indirect.

  • Taking private land and/or using state land, for non-public purpose use.

  • State subsidized or sponsored competition to private enterprise. 

  • Combining critical infrastructure elements into a single site (corridor).

  • Creating 'soft targets' for terrorist threats.

  • Redistribution of air pollution as a goal (moving traffic patterns).

As of Tuesday March 14, 2017 - subject to change is NOT 
  • Opposed to growth or economic development.

  • Partisan.

  • Opposed to Governor Rick Perry.

  • Opposed to the Texas Department of Transportation.

  • Opposed to toll roads.

  • Opposed to rail.

  • Operated nor sponsored by any political subdivision of the state.

As of Tuesday March 14, 2017 - subject to change


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